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Open Letter to Queen Elizabeth II


Re: Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA






It is with much distress that it must be reported to your Majesty that several of the Australian branches of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) are doing great dishonour to your Royal name as well as to the animals in their care.

There have been far too many incidents whereupon alleged discredited and unethical decisions have been made, by the RSPCA, in various branches across Australia. For example, in South Australia the RSPCA has recently raided a no-kill shelter, called Moorook Animal Shelter, under dubious circumstances, and destroyed several animals as a result, whilst charging the shelter owner with animal cruelty. In contrast the South Australian branch of the RSPCA has a high euthanasia rate of around 50%, hoards $15 million which could be better served to save significantly more animals, and is accountable to no-one for its actions such as the unacceptable raid mentioned above.

Similarly in New South Wales, the RSPCA has a kill ratio of 50.6%, made a profit of around $10 million last year alone, and has a $40 million share and investment portfolio made up, in part, of people’s generous donations, rate payers’ money, and state government grants. In real terms this means somewhere around 21,500 cats and dogs (including companion animals euthanised at their pounds) have been slaughtered last year alone in New South Wales, by an organisation whose charter it is to save and protect these very same animals.

In both situations neither state branch of the RSPCA will work with community rescue groups, apart from the odd occasion, even though the law in New South Wales states that at least their council managed pounds should release such impounded animals if, as in the case of Cessnock City Council, this has been contracted as such or ordered by a particular council. This refusal to do so, combined with their infamous behavioural test, ensures thousands of animals are needlessly slaughtered when loving homes could be found for them instead.

Meanwhile in Tasmania, things have become so bad at the RSPCA, the Tasmanian Parliament has been forced to conduct an Inquiry into their branch of the RSPCA over issues of alleged cruelty and corruption.

In all cases the RSPCA, in each of these states, continues to conduct business as usual regardless of the mounting complaints and evidence being brought against it. And even though the Tasmanian Parliament has clearly had enough, the other states seem indifferent to the scandals and affairs emanating from the various branches of the RSPCA in Australia.

As Vice President of the Society of Companion Animal Rescuers, a mutual society of no-kill groups covering about a quarter of New South Wales, and as a Justice of the Peace in Your service, I humbly petition that Your Majesty enquire about two actions:



1) That Your Governors of New South Wales and South Australia, if not elsewhere in Australia, request to Your respective Premiers that a formal Inquiry be conducted into, albeit not limited to, all business, policies, and actions of their respective branch of the RSPCA, &;


2) Given the dishonour that several of these state branches of the RSPCA bring, by their alleged unacceptable and unethical behaviour towards both animals in their care and to your Australian Subjects, we humbly request that the Royal prefix be removed from their Title.



It is with sad undertakings that our organisation request this, as the RSPCA has for years been a major positive factor for animal welfare in Australia, but over the last ten years it has become very much the opposite. Indeed it would be fair to say that it now conducts animal management and has become an major impediment to other organisations who are prepared do continue to do the good work which it used to achieve yet no longer does.       

In a separate issue, we request information as to the appropriate manner in applying for the Royal prefix for our own organisation. Given we are prepared to put the lives and welfare of animals first, long before monetary gain, we feel that our community organisation is far more suited, to Your Majesty’s blessing, than one which is seemingly disrespectful and insulting of it through their actions.

I will, by copy of this letter, share these concerns with Your fellow Australian Subjects by way of the media.

I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty's humble and obedient servant,


David Atwell BA. MA. JP.

Vice President

3 June 2013





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